God With Us

"God With Us" (part 4) - Tim Mannin & Ryan Moore

God With Us (Part 4) This is the final message in our four part series, "God With Us." We spend time recapping our series, hear a testimony of how God is with us in our pursuit of Him during times of extraordinary circumstances, and we leave with the challenge that Jesus gave to the Rich Young Ruler. (Matt. 19 & Daniel 3)

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"God With Us" (part 3) - Tim Mannin

God With Us (Part 3) Where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering? He said, "I will be with you." The question then becomes, where are we? We place ourselves in the hands of the potter, to be shaped unto his desires. (Psalm 77, Isaiah 64:8, Exodus 3)

"God With Us" (part 2) - Tim Mannin

God With Us (Part 2) The second message from the series "God With Us." Looking at 1 Samuel 17 and Acts 3, We learn lesson's about the power of God's presence, how it pulls us forward, and our ability to give it away. (1 Sam. 17 & Acts 3)

"God With Us" (part 1) - Tim Mannin

God With Us (Part 1) The first message from the series "God With Us." Is it possible that the most ignored thing in our lives is the presence of God? In the story of Elijah (1 Kings 19) we read of God speaking in the still small whisper and we turn off all the noise in order to hear His voice.