"I Am Sam" - Nate Kinney

The Days Of Judges (Part 3) There are times when we are called by God to do or say difficult things. In these moments, it is often easy to run from this calling and claim it wasn't God. But we see from the story of Samuel and Eli that it is often the first step that is the most difficult. Take heart, you are equipped for what He has called you to. (Judges 1, 3)

"You're Ready" - Tim Mannin

The Days Of Judges (Part 2) We all want to experience the powerful miracles of God, but we steer clear of the opportunities because of the fear, insecurity, and doubt in our hearts. However, it is in these places that His miracles often take place. We cannot claim to be faithful and yet, lack courage. (Judges 6,7) 

"Too Many Camels" - Tim Mannin

The Days Of Judges (Part 1) Beginning our new series, we see the cycle of the Israelites in the time of the Judges. Peace, Sin, Pain, Crying Out, and Deliverance. What are we sowing in our lives that we do not want to reap? What are we sowing that we do want to reap? (Judges 2:16-14, 6:1-6)