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DEVOTED is a marriage conference created by and hosted at OKC Community. Below we have the messages from the six general sessions. We had some amazing teachers and presenters for this conference. Also posted here are Zack & Jenna's story, plus a few other fun marriage videos.

  • Session One: Date Night with Ashton Owens (Co-founder of Datebox and Studio Flight)
  • Session Two: Devoted to One Another with Bo Boshers (president of Lead222)
  • Session Three: Devoted as Parents with Billy & Kelly Patterson (City Collective and Skyline Church, OKC)
  • Session Four: Devoted to Knowing One Another with Jeremie Kubicek (co-founder of Giant Worldwide)
  • Session Five: Devoted Financially with Zack and Jenna McCullock (founders of Free Up)
  • Session Six: Devoted to the Lord with Tim & Christie Mannin (OKC Community Church)

Also posted here is a video of Zack & Jenna's story (a portion of this video is heard near the beginning of session 5 audio).

a short delay of 15-30 seconds may occur after hitting play while the audio loads.

Zack & Jenna's story towards financial freedom.