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Tim and Christie Mannin began praying on NW 23rd Street in 2011 and God began to shape a vision of a group of people who cared deeply about their city, their neighborhoods, and the mission of God. The diverse nature of the community surrounding what is known as Uptown23rd in Oklahoma City creates a unique place to carry out ministry. It's eclectic, it's diverse, and it's brimming with renewal and a story of restoration. We are excited to be a part of this story with our neighbors and our community. Our hopes are not only to contribute to the physical renewal of our community, but to also bring life giving spiritual renewal to our city. God used the words of Isaiah 61 to help shape the dream of who we desire to be. 


OKC Community Church began having core gatherings and meetings in the fall of 2012 and officially began weekly worship services on March 31, 2013. Our first two and a half years we rented space at the Civic Center Music Hall in downtown OKC for Sunday services and also had a space on 23rd Street that we called our Community House. The Community House served as an amazing place to build community and establish the presence and proximity we needed to help build our foundation as a church. Through an amazing journey of God opening doors and providing in miraculous ways OKC Community purchased and renovated the building at 421 NW 23rd Street. In fact, the picture at the top of this page is the alley behind our new building (the bricks on the right are the back wall of our building and the Tower Theater). The picture was taken in 2012 and we used it as the main image on the home page of our website for almost three years. God was planting us "here", even before we were "here." We began meeting in our new home on December 13, 2015.

God has brought together a group of people who desire to be the church the best way we know how. We desire to be a church on mission for God and dedicated to love and serve the people of our community. The story of this church has just begun. It's exciting. It's overwhelming. It even seems a little crazy. Thankfully, it's not an entirely new story -- Oklahoma City Community Church is gladly joining the story of the Church that has been happening for centuries. We are joining the ranks as a local church in the body of Christ, purposed to carry out the mission of God within His grand story.



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Our church home was built in the early 1940’s as a C.R. Anthony’s department store. For decades NW 23rd Street served as one of OKC’s premier shopping, eating, and entertainment districts. In recent years the area has undergone a renewal and now Uptown23rd is enjoying a return to historic roots. Until our renovation the building was in its original condition. The renovation required a complete overhaul of the entire building and a new layout design. We ensured that key features of the building were restored and maintained. Original features of the store including, the terrazzo flooring at the front entry, the grand staircase, the architecture of the front exterior, the balcony railing, and the exposed brick help share the story of the past 75 years. (our non-profit entity OKC Community officially owns the building. It also serves as an event center).