5 More Things That Matter

"Doing Things That Matter, With Your Problems" - Tim Mannin

Five More: Doing Things That Matter (Part 5) Are we allowing our problems to become our identity?  As we close out 2013, we examine our hearts and the problems in our lives. What is it that we need to be set free from as we enter a new year? What giant-sized steps do we need to take in choosing to shed our fears and hurts, and embrace His love and grace? (James 1:2-3, Isaiah 61)

"Doing Things That Matter, With Christmas" - Tim Mannin

Five More: Doing Things That Matter (Part 4) How are we responding to Christmas? We cling to and claim that Jesus is the reason for the season, yet we go on marginalizing his role in our lives. In this Christmas season, we ask ourselves the question, how are we responding to Jesus? Are we doing things that matter with Christmas? (Matthew 2:1-12, Micah 5:2)

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"Doing Things That Matter, With Money" - Tim Mannin

Five More: Doing Things That Matter (Part 3) This is a discussion that challenges us all on where our heart is at when it comes to our finances and resources. This is a perspective shift on how we view what God has given us. Have we been trustworthy with what we have been given? (Luke 16:10-15, Matthew 6:21, 2 Cor. 8:8-14) 

"Doing Things That Matter, With Words" - Tim Mannin

Five More: Doing Things That Matter (Part 2) What we say to ourself and to others has the power to lift someone up or tear someone down.  Words have a power and they are a gift. It is up to us to harness them and use them for the glory of God, the honor of the gospel, and the good of our family and neighbors. (Gen 1, Gen 3, Luke 6:45, John 1:1-2, Proverbs 18:21) 

"Doing Things That Matter, With Time" - Tim Mannin

Five More: Doing Things That Matter (part 1) In this new series we will focus on 5 specific areas where we can do things that matter for God's kingdom purposes. Today we dive into the issue of TIME. Do you control your time or does your schedule control you? Do you live with the daily sense that there is not enough time in a day? Doing things that matter with our time begins, not with us managing our time better, but by choosing our time better. How can we choose for Christ to be Lord of our life, but not allow Him to be Lord of our time?  (Genesis 2, Exodus 20, 31, Luke 5, Mark 1, Isaiah 58)