"I Am" - Tim Mannin

Kings (Part 9) From "Kings" to "The King," we wrap up our "Kings" series by looking at the seven "I Am" statements of Christ. Kingship is about realizing that He is EVERYTHING. (John 19:12-16, Exodus 3, John 6:35, 8:12, 10:9, 10:11, 11:25) 

"LIGHT" - Tim Mannin

Kings (Part 8) From "Kings" to "The King," We look at the King of the world as "The Light of the World." He came to do something about the darkness of the world. He is the source of life. (John 1, Luke 2) 

"A Humble King" - Tim Mannin

Kings (Part 7) From "Kings" to "The King," we look at the uniqueness of how Jesus entered the world. He came, not in a grand king-like entrance, but quiet and humbly to a world that He knew would reject Him. What area in your life is lacking this humility? It is in humility that we find rest and peace. (Matt. 1:18-23, Phil. 2:5-11)

"Waiting" - Tim Mannin

Kings (Part 6) As we enter December, we change our focus from "Kings" to "The King"... Jesus. In Luke 2 we see Simeon & Anna waiting on the Messiah. They were praying, seeking, and fasting. Waiting is an active thing... For it is in seasons of waiting, we often see our biggest transformation. (Mark 1:15, Luke 2)

"A Promise And A Mule" - Ryan Moore

Kings (Part 5) Continuing our "Kings" series, we read about how Solomon became king and the trust he had in David's promise. Sometimes when you're in need of a miracle, all you can do is pray God's promise back to Him, trust in His timing, His faithfulness, and never lose hope. (1 Kings 1:5-49)

"Broken Crowns" - Tim Mannin

Kings (Part 4) Looking into the life and reign of Solomon as king, we see that he lived with a divided heart and it resulted in a divided kingdom. What are we loyal to in our life? What are we devoted to? Are we living a divided life? (1 Kings 11:3-13) 

"Chasing Lions" - Tim Mannin

Kings (Part 3) This morning we look into the kingship of David and his trusted "Mighty Men." We see from their example that they were very brave and very loyal to their king. In our life today, do we show those same characteristics? When you think the world is against you and you're all alone, remember, The Lord is with you. (1 Chronicles 11:10-25, 2 Chronicles 16:9)

"Prophets & Spears" - Tim Mannin

Kings (Part 2) In the 2nd week of our "Kings" Series, we look at the life of the first king of Israel, Saul. In our life, we have "Saul-like" moments, where we speak prophecy in one moment and throw spears in the next. How do we remain consistent? How do we avoid those moments of tripping up? The answer is found in dependency on Jesus. (1 Samuel 19, Matthew 19:14) 

"We Want To Be Like Them" - Tim Mannin

Kings (Part 1) Today we began our new series "Kings." We will spend the next few weeks looking back into the lives of the Jewish Kings and seeing what God is telling us about our own lives and how we live. This morning we examine who we're choosing as king in our life, do we want what others want, and why we compare ourselves with others. Are we willing to leave the predictable and safe in order to jump from the high-dive into the endless possibilities of what God has for us? (1 Samuel 8:1-21)