Chapter Two

"Sheep & Goats" - Tim Mannin

Chapter Two (Part 3) Our 3rd & final message from our teaching series, "Chapter Two." Each week in this series, we looked at one of our main focuses as a church beginning its 2nd year. Today we look at what the Word says regarding caring for the needs of others. Our faith in Jesus should result in a life of action. In our life, do we see proof of this? Is our life a reflection of Jesus' command to "care for the least of these?" (Matthew 25:31-46)

"And The Second Was Like It" - Tim Mannin 

Chapter Two (Part 2) In the second week of our "Chapter Two" series, we are challenged to examine how we love our neighbors. When Jesus was asked to reduce everything into a single statement, he gave us a commandment with the power to change the world... "Love your neighbor as yourself." (Matt 22:36-40, Luke 10:29-37)

"Stories of Prayer" - Tim Mannin

Chapter Two (Part 1) As we turn the page into the 2nd year and 2nd chapter in the life of our church, we take the next 3 weeks to set our focus on what this year will look like. In this 1st message we discuss the power of praying boldly and persistently. Do we have the commitment of praying boldly, or are we just living in bold moments? (Mark 10:51, Joshua 6)