"Out of the Shallows" - Tim Mannin

Drenched (Week 5) So many of us long to live a life of deeper passion and love for God, but yet we continue to do things the same way while trying harder and harder. As Jesus called Peter and the disciples out of the shallows and into the deeper water, he is calling us to pray boldly and worship greatly as we too step out of the shallows and into the deeper waters of our life. (Luke 5, Hab. 1:5, Psalm 63:1, 1 Cor. 2:9)

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"Joy of Salvation" - Kaleb Kinney

Drenched (Week 4) There is a joy available to you, a joy that can not be explained. Because of the Salvation that is found in Jesus, we can now have a joy in all situations. Even though we may experience major trials and pain, there is a joy that He gives to us through many different things such as The Holy Spirit, other believers, and belonging to the Kingdom. (Rom. 15, James 1, Gal. 5, Acts 13) 

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"Because We Want To Want To" - Tim Mannin

Drenched (Week 2) Why do we worship? When we begin to recognize what God has done for us and who He is, it begs a response of love from our hearts. Too often the temperature of our worship is based on how we feel about God in the moment or what we feel like he has done for us recently. What about the times when we don't feel like praising? Worship isn't a feeling or an emotion, it's an acknowledgement of who God is. (Isaiah 6:1-8, Romans 1:21-23, Luke 17:11-19)

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