Jonah & The Great City

"And Many Animals" - Tim Mannin

Jonah And The Great City (Part 4) Resolving the purpose of the book of Jonah, we close our four week series by studying chapter 4. In this, we see Jonah's struggle with the vine, the city of Nineveh..... and "many animals." What is it that we love? What is it that we care more about than the people of His creation? We are invited to be a part of the great story of God's redemption and His infinite love for His people. (Jonah 4)

"The Great City" - Tim Mannin

Jonah And The Great City (Part 3) This morning we look at part 3 of our series on Jonah and read how Jonah finally answered the call to go. At the heart of our Christian faith is movement, and we are called to "go." Through our obedience, we often see God do some of His biggest miracles. (Jonah 3, Matthew 12) 

"Thank God for Fish" - Tim Mannin

Jonah And The Great City (Part 2) Continuing the story of Jonah, we look at Jonah's prayer within the belly of the fish. The expected cry of help is instead met with a prayer of thanksgiving. Sometimes it is the storms in life that God uses to save us. What storm in life are you going through and are you thanking God for it? (Jonah 1:17, 2)

"The Jonah in all of us" - Tim Mannin

Jonah and the Great City (Part 1) We begin the series "Jonah and the Great City" by taking a new look at a familiar story. We all know that Jonah ran, but by breaking down why he ran, we see a character trait that we all posses. Not forgiving others and holding on to petty judgement can cause us to run from who God has created us to be. The story of the Gospel is forgiveness, are we living that? (Jonah 1, Nahum 3)

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