A Heartbeat

OKC Community is officially underway. We have all the necessities…we have our Facebook page (OKC Community Church), we have a Twitter account (@okccommunity), and we have this website that we’ve equipped with this super rad blog that you are actually reading right now!! I guess we’ve officially arrived—we are set up and ready to run…

…well, perhaps before we run too hard we need a little more than some cyber particles.
…perhaps—just maybe—we need some people.

Church Plant Meeting, October 7 - Michaelangelos Coffee Bar

Church Plant Meeting, October 7 - Michaelangelos Coffee Bar

Real people—not just the ones who click “like” and who choose to “follow” us. Don’t get me wrong, those are great people and we are excited about what’s happening on the World Wide Web…but we are more excited about people. In the last couple weeks we’ve met with live and in the flesh people, who are expressing a stirring within their heart about being a part of the work God is starting in OKC through this church. We’ve had three meetings so far. Our first was on September 23 and our two most recent were on October 4 and 7. The meetings were held at Michelangelos in Norman. They were and will be the only meetings in Norman—next stop is NW 23rd Street, Oklahoma City. 

The infancy of this church reminds me of when we went to our first doctor’s appointment after learning Christie was pregnant with our first child. One of the first things the doctor did was use a high tech medical instrument that looked like a fisher price walkie-talkie to amplify the baby’s heartbeat. We knew that this little baby (who became our first child, Emily) was so small at the time that she could literally fit in the palm of our hand. Although she was small, when the doctor amplified the sound of her heartbeat we were amazed to clearly hear the pounding of a new heart tirelessly working to sustain a new life.

Although the heartbeat was small…it was strong.
Although the heartbeat was new…it represented life.

In these initial meetings with real people about this church plant it was like an amplified heartbeat to a new life being born. As we gathered each time the heartbeat gained strength and passion. It was amazing to see about one hundred different people come to one of our meetings so that they could hear and pray about being a part of this church.

OKC Community Church has a heartbeat. 
We have life. 

Life in the form of not just talking about the life we ought to be living, but doing all we can to actually live it! Life in the form of chasing something significant together! Life in the form of trying to be the church the best way we know how. John 10:10 says,

“The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I (Jesus) have come that they (real people) may have life, and have it to the to the full.” We believe in this promise—together we will pursue life to the full and we will believe that with every new heartbeat we can experience more life! 

All glory, praise, and credit goes to God, our Savior and King, for creating new life in the form of OKC Community Church!

- Posted by Tim Mannin