Friends & Family

Posted By: Tim Mannin

Often times right before a new restaurant opens they hold a special night for the friends and family of the restaurant employees. They do this so they can celebrate with loved ones what’s about to happen with their grand opening, plus it’s a time they can practice doing their jobs prior to the real thing. It’s always exciting when you are one of the ones invited to a “friends and family preview night”…you get to order anything on the menu and it’s free. Yes, I’ll have the steak please.

Our church is about to experience a similar process. We are on the verge of going public. We’ve spent the last three months gathering and forming a core launch team. We’ve begun to form who we are going to be as a community of people, we’ve prayed together, we’ve even dreamed about what God is going to do in our city. We are now about to begin having public worship services. Our first preview service is February 17, our second preview service is March 10, and we begin having weekly worship services on March 31 (Easter Sunday). It’s about to happen…and it’s crazy!


Prior to our Sunday worship services beginning we want to have our own unique type of ‘preview night’ with our friends and family. Sorry we aren’t serving steak, but we promise it’s going to be a special night. Everyone who has been a part of our core launch team is inviting our friends and family to join us on Sunday, February 10th at 6pm for a special night to celebrate and support all God is doing in this new church plant. This will not be a night about recruiting or begging people to be a part of our church – rather it’s a night that we want our family and friends to be together to enjoy, celebrate, fellowship, and pray for the start of this church. So even if you aren’t interested in joining our church we want you to come – we are simply gathering our loved ones for a special night.  We’re excited to worship and honor Christ throughout the night.

Our church appreciates your love and support – hope to see you February 10th. 
Also we are excited to have our friend Micah Kersh lead us in a time of worship.


  • Time: 6pm-7:30ish
  • Location: Civic Center Music Hall – Hall of Mirrors
  • Childcare: Yes for Pre-K, Elementary Age will participate in large gathering (it will be a relaxed night)
  • Food: Deserts Afterwards