GOD IS ON THE MOVE: stories of good among us (pt6)


One of the dreams our church has had since we started was to see stories of people being stirred up by God's Spirit to do something fresh and new with their faith. When we pay attention and respond to the way that God is moving it always results in a fresh story.

What is something new that God is leading you towards? Maybe that's part of the story you ought to be living. The story posted below involved a new step for a family and that new step happened to be our church.


STORY #6 - POWERS FAMILY (Tommy, Lori, and Brady)

I am to start this off by saying, “our son is a genius and wise beyond his years for leading us to this church.” In all honesty, Stephen Thorne’s question to a friend we have in common, “Hey, do you know anyone who plays the bass?” Our friend pointed over to Brady and said, “this guy does.” The rest we say… is history.

When Brady asked us about going and playing, we weren’t too thrilled as we were so rooted in our church, but we said yes. However, being the parents that we are, we were not going to allow our barely 16 year old son to drive to downtown Oklahoma City where they may have rattlesnakes in the offering basket and who knows what else. :) That Sunday as the service was ending and Tim was finishing his message, I looked over at my husband Tommy and said, “Is it over?” And Tommy replied, “I want more.” After Brady finished packing up his gear, he said, “I told you, I told you.” – which still strikes me as funny, because none of us had ever been here before, but somehow he knew.

Our story is like that of many people—you feel like you’re going to a church just to simply go through the motions. We knew something had to change. After our first Sunday at OKC Community, we felt so fed. We spent the next week not really talking about our experience, because we thought we were just fine going through the motions and doing what we had always done. Shortly after that, something snapped in Brady and he told us that he felt like we had to leave what we were a part of for so long, quit going through the motions, and step into something new. Tommy and I sat quietly soaking it all in, feeling such a relief and conviction, because we weren’t just listening to our family, but to God.

We feel so blessed to be able to come and worship here and are continually challenged by Tim’s messages. I have told Tim several times that I wished I would’ve worn my steel-toed sandals, because he was stepping on my toes. :) And as odd as this may sound, it felt good to be so challenged and convicted.

There is a song by 10th Avenue North, “No Man Is An Island” that really resonates with me and I believe that the meaning of this song references why my family is here. The song speaks of how we are made in Christ’s image and Christ is love and He never kept that love to Himself. He was/is always sharing, caring, and loving EVERYONE. Well, we should be doing that same, sharing, caring, and loving everyone! That needs to start with ourselves, our family and neighbors spilling over to our COMMUNITY not keeping it to ourselves and not being on an island! We are truly thankful and blessed to be here and can’t wait to see what God has next for this church!


If you have a story that you’d like to share with us please CONTACT US and we’d love to hear it.