GOD IS ON THE MOVE: stories of good among us


What are the stories of you life these days? Can you tell stories of good? Do you have stories about God’s movement in your life? If we are honest most of us are more likely to have stories about busyness or the latest movie we’ve seen than stories about a move of the Spirit within us. Too few of us are living the stories we want to live. Since OKC Community began about 18 months ago this has been a conversation we’ve been having. Let’s have stories of doing things that matter, living the gospel, and being the church to tell. The true mark that we are becoming the church and type of people we want to be will be stories.

We are excited to introduce an OKC Community Blog Series of stories happening within our community. Specifically how God is on the move in our people. We’ll be sharing stories of the good things God is doing within our church and his people for the next several posts.

We hope that reading stories will be an encouragement to you and will lead you to pursue a life that is full of stories.

Enjoy the first story.



OKC Community Church has continued to be an answered prayer for me. Before moving to OKC this summer, I lived in Edmond because I’ve been in school at UCO. I had searched for quite some time to find a church in Edmond, but nothing felt right. I wanted a church that was 1. Mission minded and kingdom oriented, 2. Involved in the community, and 3. that had a small group that I could get plugged into (lol now, right?). Towards the end of this last year that I lived in Edmond, I was pretty miserable. I was going through some difficult friendship situations. My heart was being pulled in 2 different directions, I was either going to be the Christian that I knew I was called to be, or I was going to remain lukewarm with the friends I had been friends with my whole life. It came to the point where I knew God was telling me to choose. It was either Him or them. As painful as it was, I chose to move out of my apartment that I had shared with my closest friend. I was willing to give up my closest earthly relationships to see what God was trying to do in me and with me. After I made that difficult leap of faith, God began opening doors of reassurance for me. 

God moment number 1: The day that I decided to move out, I contacted a family friend that lives in the Uptown 23rd area to help me look for an apartment. We got together the next day and discussed a few options and she mentioned to me that her son and his wife were moving out of her garage apartment and wondered if I might be interested. She said that she would work with whatever my budget was! My new place is about 4 blocks from the Community House. I found a place to live the very day after decided that I was going to move. Answered prayer.

God moment number 2: The Uptown Uncorked event was happening a couple weeks later and OKC Community was one of the sponsors/supporters of the event. The same family friend who helped me find a place to live, is on the board of the Uptown 23rd committee and invited me to be one of her guests. She specifically wanted to introduce me to Courtney Whittier and Leslie Koch (they are good friends of her daughter-in-law). That night, I met Courtney, Leslie, Tim, and Ryan. God had instantly connected me with new friends. Answered prayer.

God moment number 3: I came to a church service a couple weeks after the event. One of my friends from out of town was down visiting me and before we could even make it past the coffee table we were greeted by Stephen and Jenny. Then Courtney, Leslie, Tim, Ryan, and many others throughout the congregation that knew we were new and wanted to make us feel welcome. I immediately knew that I was home. Community. Answered prayer.

God moment number 4: Tim's sermon that week was based around "The Circle Maker" and how God answers prayer. Wow! I didn't know what a prayer circle was at that time but looking back, OKC Community Church was my prayer circle. I also remember Tim talking about missions that our church wanted to be involved in and how it was important to be involved in the community. Answered prayer. 

God moment number 5: Fast forward a couple months to my first meeting with my small group. We are reading through a book together. Guess what it is?? "The Circle Maker". We’ve only recently begun meeting, but I already feel like any of them would be there if and when I need them and I know that we are all constantly praying with and for each other. Jesus-focused friends. Answered prayer.

I am so thankful for the work that God is doing in me and in our church! I can't wait to see what else he has in store for us! He is so faithful!


If you have a story that you’d like to share with us please CONTACT US and we’d love to hear it.