Love Your Neighbor

"Love Your Neighbor" - Tim Mannin

Jesus. He changed everything about everything (Week 22) Jesus made it clear that we are called to love our neighbor. We respond to that call by following His command, not because we are “supposed to” but because Jesus is inviting us in to a better way to live. We look at practical and simple steps to live out this calling and begin to love the people in our neighborhoods and at our jobs. (Matt. 22:36-39, Luke 10:29-30)

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"Love Knows No Bounds" - Tim Mannin

Ephesians (Week 7) What is our vision for the church? What is our vision for our personal life? Are we as a church and as people seeking to be self-fulfilled in our church and self-focused in our life? There is a big difference between really liking the things of God and rooting ourselves in the kind of love that knows no bounds. This is the mindset that is the catalyst behind why we love our city, love our neighbors and desire to be a church that is planted in the love of God that knows no bounds. (Eph. 3:14-19)

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"Love Your City" - Tim Mannin

Doing Things That Matter (Week 5) Reckless love is an action that is not just about doing good deeds. So many followers of Jesus effort to be good people, but we must also effort to bring the kingdom of God. The people we love, we pray desperately for. Are our prayers for our city and our neighbors desperate enough? (Mark 2:1-12, Job 29:6, Isaiah 52:7)

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"The Whole City Wins" - Tim Mannin

Wells (Part 6) What if bringing life to your city was more satisfying than anything else? As Jesus was speaking to the woman at the well, the disciples returned with food, but Jesus offers a food that will always sustain. Life is not about being fed so you can be full and happy, it is about joining in the will and work of Jesus and building wells that bring life to the city.  (John 4, Acts 1:8, 1 Pet 2:9-10)

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"God's Will Isn't So Hard" - Tim Mannin

1 John: Love Conquers All (Part 10) Have you ever wondered if you're doing God's will? How do we discern this? We treat God as though he is a traffic cop at the intersections of life, but following His will is more like He is the sculptor shaping us in to who we are called to be. His will is that we would hear and listen to His voice. (1 John 5, Rom. 12:1-2, Matt. 22:35, 1 Thes. 5:16-18) 

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"The Pursuit of Life on Life Community" - Blair Humphreys

Bringing Life To Our City (Part 8) This morning we welcome guest speaker Blair Humphreys as he discusses what it means to be connected to the people around us. Often times we find ourselves living in silos of separated community, but what this city needs is people to share their lives with each other. The Church is called to be soul on soul, life on life community so that others are truly known and truly loved. (Thes. 2:8)

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"Open Table" - Nate Kinney 

Living The Gospel: teachings from the book of Luke (Part 4) Who is it that we look at like our neighbor? Is society telling us that it is ok to stereotype someone and hate them because they are different? We must be a church for both the sinners and the saints. What would it be like if we never labeled someone, but instead welcomed ALL to the table? (Luke 10:25-37)

"Grace" - Tim Mannin

Grace, Mercy, and Peace (Part 2) Looking into 1 Timothy and the life of Martin Luther King Jr. we see that grace is the way to transformation, for it is hate that breeds hate. Grace is like a gentle day or a whisper, never aggressive and always unconditional. Who in your life do you need to show grace to? (1 Tim. 1:12-17)

"Sheep & Goats" - Tim Mannin

Chapter Two (Part 3) Our 3rd & final message from our teaching series, "Chapter Two." Each week in this series, we looked at one of our main focuses as a church beginning its 2nd year. Today we look at what the Word says regarding caring for the needs of others. Our faith in Jesus should result in a life of action. In our life, do we see proof of this? Is our life a reflection of Jesus' command to "care for the least of these?" (Matthew 25:31-46)

"And The Second Was Like It" - Tim Mannin 

Chapter Two (Part 2) In the second week of our "Chapter Two" series, we are challenged to examine how we love our neighbors. When Jesus was asked to reduce everything into a single statement, he gave us a commandment with the power to change the world... "Love your neighbor as yourself." (Matt 22:36-40, Luke 10:29-37)

"They Added To Their Number" - Tim Mannin

BOOK OF ACTS; living. growing. church planting. (Part 3) The story of Acts, is a story of a people who gave their life for the gospel and people were added to their number daily. For many of us, we have given the gospel our behavior, our beliefs, some Sunday mornings, and a few courageous moments a year.... but sadly, little else. We are called to be a people who orient our life around the gospel. (Acts 1:12-15)

"Love Your Neighbor" (Love Recklessly) - Tim Mannin 

Doing Things That Matter (Part 7) What if we treated the greatest commandment, as if it was the greatest commandment? Jesus calls us to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbor as ourself. The simple, practical challenge of extending God's love and grace to the people who live hundred's of feet from our doorsteps. (Mark 12:28-31)