Power of Words

"Altitude" - Tim Mannin

Ephesians (Week 3) We can be so focused on what we need to correct in our life and often view God as a "Big-Brother" who is always watching and pointing out our failures. But Paul's words through the Holy Spirit, show us the power of encouraging words and remind us that God loves us, chose us, and is thankful for us. (Eph. 1:15-23)

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"Wrestling With God" - Tim Mannin

Ancient Stories: that teach us new things (Part 2) In the 2nd week of our series, we read the story of Jacob and his struggle to shed his name and his past. He did everything to accumulate wealth and power in order to run from his identity, but it wasn't until he brought it all to God by wrestling through the issue, that he was changed. If you listen long enough in the wrestling, you will begin to hear the blessing. Don't let go. (Gen. 32)