"Psalm 62" - Kaleb Kinney

Psalms (Part 5) This morning we look at the words of David in Psalm 62 and the life of Job. In both situations, we see a pattern of relying completely on the Father and trusting in Him alone. There are moments when we ask God for things, but sometimes we must just be patient, be still, and remember all He has done for us. The powerful words of this Psalm inspire us to pour our hearts out to Him. (Psalm 62)

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"Psalm 56" - Kaleb Kinney

Psalms (Part 4) As Christians we are often ashamed to admit our fear, but in Psalm 56 we find David showing fear and realizing that our fear brings out our faith. When we lack confidence, we must rely on the word of God. We have the knowledge of how the story ends and that brings us confidence in all things. (Psalm 56, 1 Sam. 21, Rev. 5, Romans 8)

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"Follow Your Dream" - Tim Mannin

Dream Wildly (Part 4) Sometimes we can look alive and be dying inside. In these moments we are often afraid and focus on what we don't know rather than what we do know. It is in fear that we limit the limitless one. Live awake, be wide awake for what God has for you. (Jer. 1:5, Phil. 1:6, James 1:23-25, 4:17, 1 John 3:18, Rev. 3:2, Joshua 14:7-12)

"Chasing Lions" - Tim Mannin

Kings (Part 3) This morning we look into the kingship of David and his trusted "Mighty Men." We see from their example that they were very brave and very loyal to their king. In our life today, do we show those same characteristics? When you think the world is against you and you're all alone, remember, The Lord is with you. (1 Chronicles 11:10-25, 2 Chronicles 16:9)

"We Want To Be Like Them" - Tim Mannin

Kings (Part 1) Today we began our new series "Kings." We will spend the next few weeks looking back into the lives of the Jewish Kings and seeing what God is telling us about our own lives and how we live. This morning we examine who we're choosing as king in our life, do we want what others want, and why we compare ourselves with others. Are we willing to leave the predictable and safe in order to jump from the high-dive into the endless possibilities of what God has for us? (1 Samuel 8:1-21)

"Let Go Of The Leash" - Tim Mannin

Ancient Stories: that teach us new things (Part 4) We all struggle with the desire to control the things around us and make decisions in an attempt to avoid risk. In spite of the countless times God has provided for us, we still make our own plans as David did when he ordered the census of Israel. What are you trying to control that you need to give to The Lord? (1 Chronicles 21:1-27)

"Hope (Part 2)" - Tim Mannin

Hope (Part 2) We celebrate Easter and conclude our series on "Hope" this morning. In His power there is hope. Far too often we embrace the things we love about Him, (power, grace, comfort, etc.) but push aside the things that He has called us to do. We must follow all He has called us to do and be. (Rev. 1, Matt. 28)

"Lead Courageously" - Tim Mannin

Doing Things That Matter (Part 9) In our lives and our leadership, we often will allow our fears to dictate our future. This morning, we study the four basic fears that hold us back, the movement that takes place when we step past those fears, and the example that the courageous disciples lived out in Acts. (Acts 5:27-42)

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"The Power in Perhaps" - Ryan Moore

Doing Things That Matter (Part 3) In 1 Samuel 13 & 14 we see Jonathan & his Armor Bearer step out of the shade of the tree & into a battle of impossible circumstances. These men understood that God is not limited by our resources & there is power in "perhaps." What is keeping you in the shade of the tree? Is it your feelings of inadequacy, brokeness, or selfishness? Give God your "Yes" and He will do the rest. (1 Sam. 13 & 14)

"Boat People" - Tim Mannin

Doing Things That Matter (Part 2) What is it that is comfortable and safe that you are putting your faith in? It's not about holding onto the familiar, but stepping out toward Jesus. Doing things that matter will cause you step out of the boat and into an ocean of possibilities in The Lord. (Matt 14)

"God With Us" (part 4) - Tim Mannin & Ryan Moore

God With Us (Part 4) This is the final message in our four part series, "God With Us." We spend time recapping our series, hear a testimony of how God is with us in our pursuit of Him during times of extraordinary circumstances, and we leave with the challenge that Jesus gave to the Rich Young Ruler. (Matt. 19 & Daniel 3)

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"God With Us" (part 3) - Tim Mannin

God With Us (Part 3) Where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering? He said, "I will be with you." The question then becomes, where are we? We place ourselves in the hands of the potter, to be shaped unto his desires. (Psalm 77, Isaiah 64:8, Exodus 3)