"Place & Passion in the Body" - Tim Mannin

The Body of Christ (Week 3) We talk about serving in the church, but rarely talk about the spiritual gifts. We ask for energy, devotion, and love, but don't ask "who are you becoming" or "what are your spiritual gifts?" We must not reduce ourselves to small meaningless existence in the Body of Christ. Everyone matters and is needed. (1 Cor. 12:1-7, 12:24-27, 14:1, Eph 4:11-16, Mark 10:42-45, John 14:12-17)

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"Hope House OKC" - Tim Mannin & Brandy Romine

Living The Gospel: teachings from the book of Luke (Part 6) This morning we had the great opportunity to hear powerful stories about what one of our partners (Hope House OKC) is doing in our community. Breaking the cycles of poverty and homelessness, one life at a time. (Presented by one of our members Brandy Romine) 

"Chasing Lions" - Tim Mannin

Kings (Part 3) This morning we look into the kingship of David and his trusted "Mighty Men." We see from their example that they were very brave and very loyal to their king. In our life today, do we show those same characteristics? When you think the world is against you and you're all alone, remember, The Lord is with you. (1 Chronicles 11:10-25, 2 Chronicles 16:9)