"We All Have A Story " - Scot Sullivan

This morning we hear Scot Sullivan’s story of the incredible and miraculous power of God in his life. Facing death and losing hope, he was continually remind that God was with him and would never leave him. Through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, God is always with us. Sometimes it is hard to see God’s hand working in our story, but no matter where you’re at in your story… He is with you. (Gen. 39:2-21, Hab. 3:17-19, Jer. 29:11-13)

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"Hitting The Wall" - Tim Mannin

Revival Starts Within (Week 6) In our faith journey we will eventually “hit a wall.” It may be a wall of exhaustion, tragedy, doubt, or hurt; but God will use the wall to draw us deeper into more of Him. The journey inward leads to breakthrough. This morning we also hear a story of miraculous healing and breakthrough in the life of Caryn Knight. (Heb. 10:23-25, Is. 43:19, Ps. 119:105-112)

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"Jesus is Here" - Tim Mannin

Jesus. He changed everything about everything (Week 32) God has been declaring His love for us and revealing that He has been with us throughout human history, but the moment that Jesus came into the world, it changed everything. His presence brings a celebration of joy, a feeling of peace, a cry of hope, and a gift of love. (Matt. 1:18-22)

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"Hopeless Hope" - Kaleb Kinney

Jesus. He changed everything about everything (Week 9) Like the man beside the pool of Bethesda, we spend years of our life staring at the water and waiting for it to stir up so that we can be healed, when we simply need to turn to Jesus. He is there with us in every circumstance and no matter what we are facing, His name is the answer. (John 5)

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"Big Thinking" - Tim Mannin

(Ephesians Week 14) In this section of Paul's writing in Ephesians, he discusses how we should live within our families and our workplace. When we examine these instructions within the big picture of the narrative of the Bible, we have a hope for our marriages, our children, our parents, and out jobs. With this big thinking, we can extend grace and establish peace. (Eph. 5:21-6:9, Matt. 7)

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"A Letter" - Tim Mannin

Philippians (Part 9) Everyone loves a great ending to a compelling story. In today's message we look at Paul's final words in his letter to the Philippians. Our pastor shares a letter from his heart to us as a body as we close on one chapter in the life of our young church and open a new one, with hope, grace, and peace. If you'd like a copy of "the letter" download here. (Philippians 4:21-23) 

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"How To Be Here" - Tim Mannin

Philippians (Part 8) We all what to get "there" in life. We want our hopes, our dreams, our future plans.. but we find ourselves "here." How do we face this discontentment? Paul speaks of how the story ends. As believers, we know how the story ends and it makes the "here" less chaotic and more peaceful. The question isn't how do we get "there," it is how do we be "here?" (Philippians 1:4-6, 4:10-13)

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"Jesus and The Mission" - Tim Mannin

Bringing Life To Our City (Part 4) The mission of Jesus is restoration. We bring life to our city when we learn to live like a sent people, not a saved people. After his resurrection, Jesus showed hope and restoration to the disappointed, the doubting, the failed, and the inadequate. No matter who you are or what you're going through, there is restoration for you in Jesus.   (Luke 24, John 20)

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"Storms and Answers" - Kaleb Kinney

In the middle of the difficulties of life, we often ask the question "why" and feel as though God is not coming through for us. In the story of Job, we are reminded of God's faithfulness and provision. He speaks in the midst of the storm. (Job 39, 40) 

"Peace" - Tim Mannin

Grace, Mercy, and Peace (Part 3) We often think of peace as the absence of something (stress, busyness, chaos, etc.) however, peace in the Father is the presence of something. (comfort, compassion, hope, safety, wholeness, favor, completion, and joy). What area of your life do you need peace? (Psalm 23, Phil. 4:4-7)

"Waiting" - Tim Mannin

Kings (Part 6) As we enter December, we change our focus from "Kings" to "The King"... Jesus. In Luke 2 we see Simeon & Anna waiting on the Messiah. They were praying, seeking, and fasting. Waiting is an active thing... For it is in seasons of waiting, we often see our biggest transformation. (Mark 1:15, Luke 2)

"What Are You Doing Here?" - Tim Mannin

Ancient Stories: that teach us new things (Part 3) Elijah witnesses first hand the power of God and incredible miraculous things, but then finds himself running in fear and hiding in a cave. God's question to Elijah is "What are you doing here?" In our life, where is "here?" Where are we at in our emotions, in our spirituality? Where do you find yourself, as Elijah did, ready for God to move you forward into the next step, into the great unknown of his destiny for you. (1 Kings 18, 19)

"Faith Imprisoned" - Ryan Moore

Living The Gospel: teachings from the book of Matthew (Part 6) We can all relate to the moments & situations in life when we are faced with extreme pain, difficulties, & struggles. In those moments, the foundation of our faith can crumble & we are left looking at the pile of debris & doubting God. Looking at our story today we see a man who Jesus loved, Jesus knew his name, but yet he didn't answer his prayer... And why that is a good thing. (Mark 6:17-20, Matthew 11:2-11) 

"Hope (Part 2)" - Tim Mannin

Hope (Part 2) We celebrate Easter and conclude our series on "Hope" this morning. In His power there is hope. Far too often we embrace the things we love about Him, (power, grace, comfort, etc.) but push aside the things that He has called us to do. We must follow all He has called us to do and be. (Rev. 1, Matt. 28)

"Hope (Part 1)" - Tim Mannin

HOPE (Part 1) The first message in our two part Easter series entitled "Hope." The story of Matthew 26 can seem bleak, but underneath the denial and betrayal of Jesus we see His ultimate purpose and sacrifice. It is through the one true Messiah that we now have hope.  (Matthew 26, 1 Peter 1)