God's Faithfulness

"Preparing for the Promise" - Tim Mannin

Many of us find ourselves wandering in life and unsure of God’s plan and our future. So, what is it that prepared Joshua to step into the promise after 40 yeas of wandering? He was encouraged to be strong and courageous, but it took more than just that. Often before we experience the promise we walk through God’s intentional preparation. (Joshua 1:1-11)

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"Shine Like Stars" - Tim Mannin

Philippians (Part 5) In the verses we study this morning, we see Paul referencing the Exodus story and how the Israelites complained and grumbled. In so doing, they were so caught up in the mud of their circumstances, that they missed the miracles around them. They had forgotten how far God had brought them. In Paul's letter, he encourages them to stop their grumbling and shine like the stars of the universe. (Philippians 2:14-16)

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"You're Ready" - Tim Mannin

The Days Of Judges (Part 2) We all want to experience the powerful miracles of God, but we steer clear of the opportunities because of the fear, insecurity, and doubt in our hearts. However, it is in these places that His miracles often take place. We cannot claim to be faithful and yet, lack courage. (Judges 6,7) 

"A Promise And A Mule" - Ryan Moore

Kings (Part 5) Continuing our "Kings" series, we read about how Solomon became king and the trust he had in David's promise. Sometimes when you're in need of a miracle, all you can do is pray God's promise back to Him, trust in His timing, His faithfulness, and never lose hope. (1 Kings 1:5-49)