"Peace of Jesus" - Tim Mannin

Jesus. He changed everything about everything (Week 30) Story after story in the life of Jesus, we see the disciples and people around him full of anxiety and fear, but yet Jesus shows a calm spirit and brings peace to their lives. He brings peace on earth and declares “peace be with you.” He changes our human nature that lacks peace and breathes the spirit of God on us.(Matthew 14-17, John 20:19-22, Luke 2:8-14)

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"Hopeless Hope" - Kaleb Kinney

Jesus. He changed everything about everything (Week 9) Like the man beside the pool of Bethesda, we spend years of our life staring at the water and waiting for it to stir up so that we can be healed, when we simply need to turn to Jesus. He is there with us in every circumstance and no matter what we are facing, His name is the answer. (John 5)

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"Big Thinking" - Tim Mannin

(Ephesians Week 14) In this section of Paul's writing in Ephesians, he discusses how we should live within our families and our workplace. When we examine these instructions within the big picture of the narrative of the Bible, we have a hope for our marriages, our children, our parents, and out jobs. With this big thinking, we can extend grace and establish peace. (Eph. 5:21-6:9, Matt. 7)

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"Silent Night" - Tim Mannin

Emmanuel, God With Us (Week 1) Throughout history, God has been reminding us that He is with us. From Moses and Joshua to Elijah, He repeatedly proclaims the comfort and peace of His presence in our life. Sadly, His presence is often one of the most ignored things in our life. We seek Him in the big flashy things, but His presence is often found in the silence and the whisper. (Matt. 1:18-23, Isaiah 7:14, I Kings 19:3-13) 

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"I Am" - Tim Mannin

I Am (Part 1) Starting our new series, we study Exodus 3 and the story of Moses and the burning bush. Moses asks a question that is still relevant in the heart of us today, "Who Am I?" God responds with an answer of peace and power... "I Am With You." In every situation... in fear, in doubt, in stress, in frustration, in anger, in joy, in depression, in everything... "I Am With You." For every need of life, "I Am." (Exodus 3, John 18:4-8)

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"A Letter" - Tim Mannin

Philippians (Part 9) Everyone loves a great ending to a compelling story. In today's message we look at Paul's final words in his letter to the Philippians. Our pastor shares a letter from his heart to us as a body as we close on one chapter in the life of our young church and open a new one, with hope, grace, and peace. If you'd like a copy of "the letter" download here. (Philippians 4:21-23) 

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"How To Be Here" - Tim Mannin

Philippians (Part 8) We all what to get "there" in life. We want our hopes, our dreams, our future plans.. but we find ourselves "here." How do we face this discontentment? Paul speaks of how the story ends. As believers, we know how the story ends and it makes the "here" less chaotic and more peaceful. The question isn't how do we get "there," it is how do we be "here?" (Philippians 1:4-6, 4:10-13)

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Carys & Shalom - Tim Mannin

Philippians (Part 1) This morning we begin a new series on the book of Philippians. In the midst of Paul's imprisonment, we see his attitude and words showing gratitude to the people in his life. When we find ourselves in difficult situations, can we relate to Paul? Perhaps instead of asking, "how can I fix it," maybe the question is, "who am I grateful for?" (Philippians 1:1-11)

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"Peace" - Tim Mannin

Grace, Mercy, and Peace (Part 3) We often think of peace as the absence of something (stress, busyness, chaos, etc.) however, peace in the Father is the presence of something. (comfort, compassion, hope, safety, wholeness, favor, completion, and joy). What area of your life do you need peace? (Psalm 23, Phil. 4:4-7)